Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer Case Study

By Oliver Gaskell

The Juicy Salif is a citrus juicer designed in 1990 by French designer Phillipe Starck for the kitchenware company Alessi. It is made from polished aluminium and costs £49.99.


The original design was inspired by the squid Phillipe Starck was eating when he came up with the idea. It has a juicier which tapers to a point so the juice which runs down it from the rounded top used to juice the fruit will drip of in the middle, which is supported by three legs. They initially go upwards to prevent juice running down them and then downwards, tapering to a narrow point. The ends of the legs have rubberised grips to prevent sliding.

Aluminium was chosen because it is a highly reactive metal. THis means shortly after production a protective oxide layer will have been formed on the surface of the metal which is extremely nonreactive, corrosion resistant and strong, making it perfect for a citrus juicer which will constantly be in contact with acidic juice.




The Juicy Salif, whilst it is considered as a piece of art and a masterpiece of modern design, is very unpractical and not fit for everyday use; it is a prime example of form over function.

By Oliver Gaskell | 2018 |